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Our history


Our family has been revived since 2002 in Gera, Lesvos, about 25 kilometers outside Mytilene, the Tepes farm.

Cultivating more than 2,000 centuries-old olive trees to a greater extent in the variety called "Kolovis" of a variety with unique characteristics and a unique geographical definition since only in Lesvos you answer, but also "Adramytinis" and "Asproelia or Throuma"

Having installed in our family farm a plant for the processing of these varieties as edible olives and not only for the production of olive oil for 12 years of persistent effort, we managed to market today mainly edible organic olives and olive paste.

The conditions that the product produces, the unique variety "Kolovis" and the techniques we apply traditional techniques and the natural method in the process of processing and packaging result in a unique and unique flavor. The product we produce is a fermented fermentation product and has been fermented for 6-9 months without any addition of just one extraordinary Lesbian Salt.

Among the 10 products we produce, you will find green olives, vinegar with bourbon, olive oil, garlic thyme and of course the unique olive paste in three flavors: green, black natural and black spicy.

We felt obliged to show respectfully our place, to stay where we and our children were born ....... we do.


Panayiotis Karavatakis