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Our home


Gera is a beautiful and rich area of ​​the island of Lesvos, with the endless olive groves that are best reflected in the silver waters of Gera Bay, one of the most picturesque bays of the Gulf as it has been characterized.

Hidden well in the arms of Geras, Tepes (Top). A lush forest from the bloated olive tree, six unique villages are like the fine fruit of this olive grove.

These are a few words that are meant to convey the image from the natural environment in which we live and we have been active for twelve years. On our family farm we cultivate two thousand olive trees with an ever increasing production, besides the production of olive oil, we have put more emphasis on the fruit of the olive tree itself.

Since the end of 2006, the new plant for the production and processing of edible olives has begun and operates. The plant has been set up in a traditional olive oil and the most up-to-date specifications for its operation have been applied.

The production process you follow is the traditional way of producing edible olives, from various recipes that are passed from generation to generation. The conditions produced by our product and the cultivation techniques that are applied give a unique and special taste.

What we do with love is to apply the most simple traditional and natural methods in the process of manufacturing and packaging. And now we have reached the market with the following products, besides the olive in brine, green olives, carrots, olives with beetroot, plums and chestnut olives, olive paste in three flavors.

These few lines are intended to help an attempt to revive and convince Gera. We felt obliged to show our place and we do that.